Friday, March 25, 2011

Dutch Oracle User Group's Apex Day 2011

This week I attended the Dutch Oracle User Group (OGh)'s Apex Day as a presenter, along with an ex-colleague from Northgate, Nigel Blair. We were talking about how we converted 1500+ Forms modules to Apex. There was quite a lot of interest from the 250 people present. We hope the interest wasn't due to a mix-up in the agenda that had us down as Nigel Andrews and Tony Blair!

Luckily we were on first so I was then able to relax and enjoy the rest of the day, with fascinating presentations on Apex 4.1 (Hilary Farrell), Plug-Ins (John Scott), Apex Translations (Peter Raganitsch) and Apex with Locator/Spatial (Dimitri Gielis).

The OGh certainly know how to run a great event: everyone was well looked after, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. My thanks to Rob van Wijk for inviting me.

The handouts for various presentations, including ours, are now available to download from the Ogh website.