Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another new APEX-based public website goes live

Another APEX public website I worked on with Northgate Public Services has just gone live:

This is a website to handle appeals against parking fines and other traffic/environmental fines issues by London local authorities.

It is built on APEX 4.2 using a bespoke theme that uses the Bootstrap framework.  A responsive design has been used so that the site works as well on a mobile phone as on a desktop.

Rumours that appeals against any parking tickets with my car's registration number on them are automatically approved by the system are completely unfounded.


Apex Work said...

Nice, but I see that ifram is used. You can re-write the URL with Tomcat.
Have a look at these website: -- you might come across some bugs. It will be 100% ready soon.

Daniel David said...

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