Monday, April 04, 2011

Apex MP3 Player item plug-in

I have developed a plug-in item type that renders an MP3 player to play a specified audio file using the free Premiumbeat Single Track Flash MP3 Player. The file may be specified via a URL of as the ID of a file stored in APEX_APPLICATION_FILES. There is a demo of this available here on

The plug-in has the following settings available:

They are mostly fairly self-explanatory (and documented via Help). They can generally be left to their default values. The Media Title attribute specifies the title displayed in the player. This can be set to an item reference e.g. &P2_TRACK_NAME. If not specified the URL of the file is displayed.

The value of the item can be either of the following:

  • a number, in which case it is assumed to be the ID of an APEX_APPLICATION_FILES row containing the MP3 data

  • any URL pointing to an MP3 file

This should shortly be available to download from

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